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Minor Adjustments

Posted by Skwirl on April 29, 2010 at 6:33 PM

Alright people...

I have posted so far:

  • Our first album, which will collect all of our emblems, from unit patches, to our official patches, to whatever else necessary.
  • A fair amount of Links on the Links page for all things Military Surplus and Airsoft (for those into that aspect of it).
  • Uniform Regulations (kind of done but can be always updated at some point).
  • Drill & Ceremony (really, really under construction because there is a lot).
I hope to, at some point, get actual parts to start building up my first FM uniform. I'm debating if I should get our official gray or stick to the greens that I have already and save some money.

I'm hoping to get a few of my locals in on this site. They are especially interested in the Airsoft part of the group, so who knows, I might actually have drills going. I'll be happier if I can get footage and put it up on here for all of us to learn.

Photos will be a big plus later on, especially to show how everything should work, from rolling the ankle cuffs of the BDU trousers to the drill positions.

Otherwise, I'm looking forward to this. Let's get some folks in on the game.

I'm actually a lot happier with this site getup, compared to that old site we had. All it was was a forum, nothing special. This feels like a real community site.


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Reply Glaice
6:57 PM on April 29, 2010 
What if we stuck to traditional urban or woodland BDU for the uniforms?
Reply Skwirl
7:07 PM on April 29, 2010 
Glaice says...
What if we stuck to traditional urban or woodland BDU for the uniforms?

Our official BDU is the traditional Urban Camo (the black/gray/white pattern). It is one of the more common patterns available.

The woodland BDU is also acceptable, but it is not our default standard. Because the market is so saturated with it, it is easy to buy, but at the same time, every other enthusiast uses it like regular clothing even, hence why it is not the default, yet acceptable.
Reply Medusa
2:34 PM on May 19, 2010 
You may want to think about using a Tactical Tiger Stripe color, or the new Multi-Cam uniform pattern. The ACU currently being used is going to be used by the Army in garrison. For field duty it is the Mult-Cam pattern....