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Drill & Ceremony

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The most basic call of acceptance, cheer, or acknowledgment. It means anything and everything except no. The same way US Army soldiers use "Hooah!" or US Marines use "Hoorah!" as their call, the Furry Militia uses "Ahoo!". It is usually pronounced without a lot of stress on the H, so it flows from A to OO.

If a higher-ranking soldier asks you to perform a task, you say "Ahoo," followed by their appropriate rank, and the name optionally. If you are in formation and the platoon leader asks a question to everyone in the formation, everyone says the same thing in the same fashion, loud and proud.

There are a few components to a basic platoon formation:


  • Platoon Leader
  • Squad Leader
  • Squad Elements
When a platoon leader calls, "Fall in!", all of the assigned squad leaders, in their numerical order and as quickly as possible, line up, starting two steps' distance in front of the platoon leader, and call out "Squad one!" or whatever squad number they are. Afterward, all subsequent squad elements fall in on the proper squad leader to the left of the squad leader. This will arrange the troops in their correct positions.
When the platoon leader calls, "Dress right, dress!", all squad elements raise their left arm and turn their heads right to face the next soldier's ear, to line the soldier's up neatly. The squad leader only needs to lift the left arm, because the squad leader is the anchor point. The last element in the squad only needs to turn the head right because there is no other soldier to the left. The call, "Ready, front!", calls for all soldiers to return to Attention.
When the platoon leader calls, "Cover!", all soldiers, except for the first squad, raise their right arm to touch the right shoulder of the soldier in front of them, to line up vertically. "Recover!" calls them back to attention.
After these have been executed, all soldiers should be neatly lined up and ready for further activity.
Notice how a command is broken into two parts, like "Atten-tion!"... This means there are two parts to any one command. The first part is called a "Preparatory Command", which allows the troops to know what is being expected in the next call. The second part is called a "Command of Execution", which once said, the soldiers must perform the move.
At any time the platoon leader says "As you were!", though it is not broken into two parts, means to stay where you are, or if you have already executed the last move, go back to your first position.
More to come...