Furry Militia

Mock Furry Military: Activity Group & Airsoft Team

Rank Structure

UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Due to the role-playing nature of the Furry Militia, there may not be many ranks at the start and they can be rearranged. They are at the moment altered versions borrowed from commonly-used (thus available) actual ranks held by the US Military. They are apt to change in the future.

A rank signifies the experience and entitlement of a soldier's position in the military. Naturally, higher-ranking soldiers hold more responsibility as leaders for ranks beneath them.


All branches of the Furry Militia bear the same rank, value, symbol, and name*, at this time.

* In the future, there will be proper names made for those serving in the Naval and Aerial branches of service, but even then, the symbols and rank value are still one and the same. All Command ranks are universal through the branches at this time.

All starting soldiers begin their career as a 'Recruit' (used as the name of a rank to call the new soldier as well). This ensures that all soldiers alike have gone through the same training before separating the roles as Field and Command soldiers. The recruit bears no symbol until after they have finished learning the rudimentary skills necessary as a Furry Militia soldier, upon which they will then bear their first symbol.

The difference between Field and Command soldiers are plain and simple. Field soldiers are the ones who do most of the grunt work and carry the weight of being a soldier alone. Command soldiers are the ones who do most of the administrative work, only that they are also warranted commission of the Commander of the Furry Militia. Even then, both tracks can do equal amounts of service. For example, a Private can go on recruiting detail, while a Major can lead a troop to do combat and fight with them, along with other officers, who may be doing administrative work for the troop themselves.

 FIELD (Service)  COMMAND (Administrative)

 1 Chevron Private Brass Bar
 2 Chevrons Corporal Silver Bar
 3 Chevrons Sergeant Silver Bar 1 Box
 3 Chevrons 1 Rocker
 Lance Sergeant
 Silver Bar 2 Boxes Major
 3 Chevrons 2 Rockers
 Chief Sergeant 
 Silver Bar 3 Boxes
 3 Chevrons 3 Rockers
 Master Sergeant
 Silver Bar 4 Boxes
 3 Chevrons 3 Rockers 1 Diamond Lead Sergeant Silver Bar 1 Long Box Commandant
 3 Chevrons 3 Rockers 1 Star
 Two Silver Bars Banded

Only one person can hold the highest rank of "Commander" (Symbol: 1 Star), which encompasses control of the entire Furry Militia.

In the original proposed rank system, the Command ranks were the enlisted ranks with rockers on them, thus even more simplified than currently proposed. However, allowing room for more ranks releases restriction and allows for time-in-grade experience instead of rigid administrative structure.

Because of the authoritative power of a Command rank, and the equal levels of experience both tracks share, the general rule is that all Field give Command the respect they have as Command personnel, but at the same time, a Cadet should have no stead in telling a General what to do. Therefore, Command personnel can only command those equal to their rank value on either track.