Furry Militia

Mock Furry Military: Activity Group & Airsoft Team

Uniform Regulations

Although we are all about having fun, part of our character as a military group is our dress codes. This page describes the different parts that make up the full, official uniform of the Furry Militia soldier.

At this time, this page is under construction. More may follow...



The default beret color is black. It is to be shaved to its skin of all fuzz, and soaked in hot water, molded to the right side of the head for a long period of time. The tie bands on the back of the beret must not show.

The flash must be squarely above the left eye, flush on either side. At default, there is no unit crest to be pinned onto the flash.

The patrol cover must be formed into either of two ways:

  • Roll the outside of the cap downward so the middle of the cap pulls itself onto the form of your head and crease it enough for a flat, can-like appearance. To the world, this is known as a "Ranger Roll".
  • Roll the cap from the back to the front, pushing it down to your head until you reach the top of the forehead, just before the front of the cap. Tuck into the front of the cap and flare the front so there is a small space between the front and your head.

Boonie hats are best worn for sunny or rainy climate. Always make sure to face them frontward.

Helmets should never be worn out of the main uniform color. This can get particularly tricky to try and find matching helmet covers, so unless you find your color, don't wear it. If it is for airsoft purposes, simply stick with a black helmet if you cannot find your uniform's helmet cover.

Bandanas are usually an informal wear, and should not be used in ceremony. However, they are useful for Airsoft matches. There is a particular way they should be worn:

  1.  Assuming the bandana is large enough, sprawl it out into a perfect square. If it is longer to one dimension, just fold it as necessary to make it a square. If it's too small, it may not work.
  2. Fold one corner of the square to the one diagonally across from it, about 3/4 of the way.
  3. Fold what remains up to and below the two wide corners unfolded. This should look something like a diamond, and a strip where your forehead will go.
  4. Put your head against the strip and grab the two wide ends. Flap the free corner over your head (so it covers the top of your head) and let the flap rest behind your head, as you tie the two wide ends together twice over in a crossing knot.
  5. You should be done. You should have a part of the bandana covering the back of your neck, the middle covering the top of your head, and a part covering your forehead.
Wearing cover should only be for outdoors. Covers should be off indoors.



The standard Furry Militia uniform is the Urban/City Camouflage BDU. However, so long as the uniform is worn in good taste, any pattern is welcome. This is particularly useful if camouflage is necessary for Airsoft gaming.

Depending on the color of the uniform worn, the name tapes must be the matching color, where the text is a predominant and legible color in comparison to the background. For example, on an Urban Camo uniform, the text must be black, while the background tape is gray. For a rule of thumb, the darker color is the text, and the lighter color is the tape.

The name of the soldier (usually the Fursona's last name, unless it is the only name) is worn on the right side of the blouse, resting flush on top of the pocket. On the other side of the uniform, the text "Furry Militia" is worn in the same way, onto the other pocket.

A small notepad and a pen are always necessary. Thus, put them where appropriate (for BDUs, the top-left pocket; for ACUs, the sleeves, etc.).

It is the soldier's choice whether or not to roll up the sleeves, as long as it is done by rolling them to the cuff and folding the cuff down, instead of just pulling the sleeves up. It is recommended to keep the sleeves down when the sunlight is very strong to prevent sunburn, and to remove the blouse entirely when the weather in and of itself is extremely hot/humid, to prevent overheating.

A plain black short-sleeve T-Shirt (no designs) is the regulation undershirt, no matter which uniform you wear.

The trousers are to be worn, legs down and bloused inside boots at all times. The only time the trouser legs can be debloused from the boots is during extremely hot weather. It is the soldier's choice to attach nametapes to the top of the butt pockets in the same way that the blouse nametapes are worn: Name on the left butt pocket, and "Furry Militia" on the right butt pocket.

On the cuff end of the trousers, the sizer strings should be pulled enough to wrap snug around the soldier's ankle. Then wrap the sizer strings around the ankle, and roll the cuff upward so that the sizer strings are rolled into the cuff. This allows the cuff to stay put.

Boot socks must be worn at all times, to prevent unnecessary rubbing on the leg from the boot.

The default boot color is black. Because of the variety of boots out there, this is left to the soldier's choice, so long as the boot legs go past the ankles. However, the same rules still apply: Tuck the laces to the insides of the boot. The boots should be polished and cleaned to maintain the health of the boots.



Dogtags have only so many lines and character spaces for information.

The Furry Militia's default dogtag color is copper. These can only be ordered on the 1800nametape.com website. However, if no access can be made for them at any time, the silver-colored dogtags are an acceptable alternative.

There are two dogtags, and two chain loops. One dogtag goes on the larger chain, and the other dogtag goes on the smaller chain, facing front.

The dogtags should be read as follows, using the soldier's information:

    • Birthdate here.

If you have a notable medical condition (not as a character, but as the real you), you may wear red dog tags (also available at 1800nametape) and put your information down as recommended by your doctor within the text limit of the dogtag (include what problem, information, blood type, real name, SS#). DO NOT PUT FAKE INFORMATION ON THESE! EMS personnel can use the information to save your life in the event of a serious medical emergency.

Otherwise, if you are healthy, you don't need the red dogtags, though they do serve as a medium in case an emergency happens to you..



On the left arm sleeve of the blouse, near the top of the shoulder before the body of the blouse, about an index finger's width away from the seam, in the very middle, the "Furry Militia" escutcheon symbol is attached. This is required.

Just underneath it and in line, also an index finger's width apart from the escutcheon, the soldier's unit insignia is also attached. This is optional.

On the right arm of the blouse sleeve, in the same exact manner as the left, the mock-up "Furry" flag (an orange 3:5 field, a white seven-pointed star, and a black pawprint, all centered and upright) the size of any standard military flag patch is attached. This is required.

Just underneath the flag, in the same way as the left sleeve, put the flag of the actual real-life country/state/county/province the soldier comes from, not facing in reverse, but in its regular face and color. This is optional.

 There is no subduing colors necessary for the patches. Doing so is an unofficial practice, but it can be done for the sake of camouflage in an Airsoft match.



Most (if not all) gear must be black, no matter which uniform is worn. This is because black works like a universal color. The only exception is if camouflage is necessary, such as in Airsoft battle. Even then, some uniforms benefit from the black outfit.

LBE (Load-Bearing Equipment) gear is simply a pistol belt, with attached LBE suspenders, either in H or in Y form. This should be worn very snug to the soldier's body without any gear initially, before adding gear, for proper fit.

At least two canteen pouches should be worn on the pistol belt, by both lovehandles. This leaves space in the middle for a buttpack (if applicable, switch the suspender hooks from the belt to the provided holes of the buttpack).

In the same respect, two M16 magazine pouches should be attached to the front side of the belt near the buckle (if applicable, switch the suspender hooks from the belt to the provided holes of the buttpack). This is good for front-side storage, or if playing Airsoft, hold magazines. Some mag pouches have holsters for grenades, which can be used for holding onto either BB grenade bottles, or actual BB grenades.

On either hip side of the belt should be a pistol holster and a magazine pouch in their proper side (appropriate to the hand of the soldier). If not in combat, more accessory pouches can be used to store more things instead, such as a compass.

On the suspenders, a soldier should use a black, thin, angled flashlight on the right suspender strap, and an accessory pouch on the left suspender strap, facing upside down to put a pack of field dressings in. Ranger beads (to measure distance) should be on the right suspender strap, and a small box of earplugs should be on the left suspender strap.

If wearing a vest, mod the vest to be used as necessary for the task at hand. Have a pouch to store items, a source of water to drink, a holster for magazines, a compass, etc.

If playing Airsoft, facial protection must be worn at all times. Either a paintball mask, or a pair of goggles with some form of mouth and ear protection (like a neoprene mask, a scarf sock, a balaclava, etc.) is good.

Elbow and Knee paddings, and Gloves make a huge plus if doing strenuous labor or playing Airsoft, to protect those areas.



Part of the fun in this group in role-playing the Furry community's military is that, along with the strict and professional appeal of the uniform, there is also accommodation to wear fursuit articles, including tails, ears, gloves, masks, etc.

The "standard" for wearing Fursuit articles are as follows:

  •  No costumed footwear. Boots must be worn at all times (to give the effect of the character wearing the boots instead of looking barefoot in uniform.
  • Tails must be worn on the back of the web belt holding up the trousers, directly over the small of your back and spinal column.
  • You may wear only one conbadge. It should be clip-held on the lid of the blouse pocket underneath the Fursona's nametape, not the ""Furry Militia" nametape, but if it has a tendency to fall out, a lanyard can be worn.
  • It is probably very difficult to wear both a military hat and any form of costume headwear at the same time and still look good. Unless you can do so, wear only one headwear, whether it is only the ears, only the mask, or any military headwear. The only exception is a small facemask, for example, facepaint or muzzle-only.
  • More to come or edit...